Antistatic coating made of recycled cotton

T-SHIRT is a coating for interiors made by recycled cotton and special dusty resins. For it’s particular composition, T-SHIRT is antistatic (doesn’t absorb dust) and contributes to a better termic and acustic isolation. T-SHIRT is an elastic coating and is a good solution for superficially cracked walls.

It’s simple to apply, and easy to learn for both DIY and professional appliers, it can also be removed easily. It takes only one coat to apply, where the product is given directly on the wall (Clear and dry)- there’s no need for a primer. For economically painted walls we suggest to apply a wall insulator. On lacquered surfaces or similarly glossy substances, we recommend the special primer T-SHIRT FONDO (ready for use).

T-SHIRT have superior coverage to other main materic coatings on the market. With a kilogram is possible to decorate a 4-4,5 mq wall. The thickness of the coating so obtained, once dried, is about 2mm. The catalogue offers 34 possible tones of color. Tools for application: T-SHIRT SPAZZOLA or RULLO.


  1. Drop T-SHIRT in a plastic container (like T-SHIRT BOX). Mix it with hands for 5 minutes, without adding water, to level it.
  2. Add 7 litres of water, while continuing to mix, over a span of 15-20 minutes. This will meld the resin and provide you an homogeneus mixture.
  3. Model it like a ball and leave it rest for atleast 30 minutes before application.
  4. After n.3, remix for 5 minutes with hands, then apply directly with T-SHIRT SPATOLA or T-SHIRT RULLO.
  5. Apply one coat of product, let dry naturally. The drying time may vary from 12 to 48 hours, depending on wind, temperature and humidity.